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I am May Lawrence and I am a Photographer.

I started working as a cheese specialist and loved the buzz of the emerging Australian artisan cheese industry in the 90’s and early 2000’s.  Although I was passionate about this work, I was urged to pursue my profession of choice and embarked on a 10 year career in the area of insolvency law.

I gave up my profession to chase my dream.

Armed with a Nikon D610, a Nikon D850 and a few lenses, I now spend time visiting producers, distillers, artisans, service providers and friends and speaking with them about what they do and why they do what they do.

To maintain the integrity between my subject and my lens, I focus on natural light, in-situ photography.  If my subject works in the dark or if the event occurs in the dark, I want to continue the feel of a venue in my photos.  I want to use light as a visual guide so you can see what you are meant to see.

I hope that I can work with you soon to capture the spirit of your endeavours.

I am committed to using my lens to share their stories.


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